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Soy Voz is an intercultural educational project that since 2012 has been visiting educational institutions in different countries, holding workshops to learn about school experiences in diverse socio-cultural contexts and generating creative ways of transformation.


Today we are making the documentary film Soy Voz (International).


This documentary takes up over 4 years of an international investigation done in very varied urban and rural context. Worldwide, nearly 20 institutions (Schools, NGO’s, International Institutions) participated and/or supported the project. 


From the experiences in Latin America, Lilah: transforming education creatively, arises, the documentary film and the book that you can find here.


A documentary film where we listen to Education in various ways and through different voices.

A creative pedagogical manual based on 15 years of research teaching in schools around the world.

Trainings that offer concrete and effective tools to transform Education from within.

Lilah is a documentary film starring students and directed by teachers. Latin American children tell their educational experiences and what are the current problems they face at school.

Through different artistic disciplines we propose creative ways of transformation, helping them to find possible solutions.

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Documental Lilah
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Our book


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Our book contains the bases and foundations of our methodology, the result of the work we have done since 2004 in different schools in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and India.

More than 30 creative exercises to apply in any educational context, simple and effective. To optimize the time in the classroom, promote enthusiasm, generate healthy environments for learning, address and resolve conflicts and raise the academic level according to the needs of the student and the teacher.

Presentations and Workshops


Do you want to take Lilah to your school, cultural space, foundation? 


We offer you to screen the documentary together with a practical workshop in which we delve into our methodology, so that you can apply it in your school, enhancing creativity and favoring the good academic performance of your group.

We have intensive training programs and annual programs.

March 2018: Buenos Aires

June 2018: Villa la Angostura,

September 2018: Buenos Aires

February 2019: San Martín de los Andes

March 2019: Barcelona

October 2019: Chile y Barcelona

2018 - present

Presentations in educational and cultural institutions in Argentina, Chile and Barcelona



Did you know that Lilah's music was created, especially by Sintonía Duo? Combining instruments of the world, and the free use of the voice, Delfina Varela and Marcelo Schnock were inspired by the images and experiences of the students and composed the soundtrack of the film.


Today you can listen to his first album in one click


Join Us!

There are many ways to join and collaborate with SOY VOZ


* Buying our book you help us expand our methodology and also help us reach more and more schools by sowing the seeds of transformation.

* Organizing the Lilah Presentations and Soy Voz´s workshops in your institution / province. Put together your group and contact us to make the presentation + talk / training of Lilah with your team.

* With your donation by bank account / credit card / cash we make it possible to reach the schools with the most difficult access and we manage to expand our borders, generating networks between communities and listening to all voices. And you support the new documentary that integrates children from different countries!