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I am Voice is a journey in the Land of Education that is carried out through the eyes, bodies and voices of more than 250 children and teenagers in the world.

 In this journey we meet Leo, who tells us about his experiences of bullying at his previous school. Mohammad, a refugee boy in Greece who dreams of starting regular education again  after a 5-year gap.  Ankita, who perceives education as a way out of slavery, and Alice for whom education in Sicily should give more space for self expression...

Sìa, a modern goddess of wisdom, guides us through the educational experiences of these and many more children and teens,  with a Map at hand: the Map to help us together and each one to take responsibility for our own education .


Due to its simple plot, its atypical setting and diverse colors, this film invites its audience to embark on a journey through active participation in the activities, exercises and debates,  challenging themselves towards an appropriation of the I am Voice Map.


Alone, in school groups and/or within the family, the Soy Voz Journey will undoubtedly transform your experience of education.

Soy Voz Internacional
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